EGO - Power Beyond Belief

Innovation. It’s not just about the big idea. It’s about the work you put in. The details. And pushing forward until you’ve created something unlike anything that has come before it. That’s EGO. That’s power beyond belief.


EGO’s 56-volt power is significant because until now no lithium-ion battery powered lawn and garden product has been able to deliver more than 40 volts. This barrier has created a power struggle with consumers who want the convenience of cordless, but are put off by the lack of torque and performance that conventional rechargeable lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment have delivered.

“Consumers today are familiar with cordless outdoor power equipment, but that’s not necessarily a good thing,” said Joe Turoff, VP of sales and marketing for EGO. “Many of the rechargeable lawn and garden products that have come and gone have not met expectations. That’s why we spent 10 years developing EGO, to ensure that what we put out there would not only meet expectations, but exceed them.”

To break the voltage barrier, EGO engineers went to the drawing board and developed all new technology along with a new way of arranging the battery cells and how they communicate with each other. This new design and sophisticated electronics became the foundation for the EGO POWER+ System, a patented battery and charger combination that allows EGO products to deliver more power and superior performance.